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Hear The Children Cry - Newest Member of the Global Missing Children Network

According to the National Intelligence Bureau of the Ministry of National Security, Figures for 2008 revealed that of 1,446 persons reported missing in Jamaica during that year, 960 were children. In April 2009, the Bureau reported that 772 of the 960 children reported missing were reported to have been returned to their homes/families, 7 were reported to have lost their lives, and the cases of 181 missing children were still outstanding.

Enter Children Name
Name : Danta Pollack

Date of Missing : 30-Oct-2015

Age : 14

Height : 173 cm

Weight :

Special Marks : Yes

Address : Central Village, St. Catherine

Contact : Mobile

Status : Missing

Description :

He Lives inBrown’s Lane, Central Village, St. Catherine. He is of dark complexion, slim build and is about 173 centimetres (5 feet 8 inches) tall. Contact the Central Village Police at 984-2644, Police 119 or Hear the Children’s Cry 929-0431, 294-8124,